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What is High-Risk Merchant Account & Processing?

Businesses require merchant accounts to process credit and debit card transactions. There are several types of merchant accounts—some are considered low-risk while others are high-risk. For example, a bank or credit card processing service provider might consider a business high-risk due to increased regulations or potential monetary loss.  Contrary to how it sounds, “high-risk” isn’t necessarily bad. Usually, it […]

Differences Between Card Present and Card Not Present Transactions

Card present and card not present transactions are two payment processing options that businesses should understand. In this blog, we will help you understand the differences so you can meet your customer’s expectations and keep your processing fees as low as possible. What Is a Card Present Transaction? A card present transaction involves processing a payment where you […]

How LOLA POS. Helps Agents

Have you ever dreamed of a career that you love? They call it living the dream. Have you considered becoming one of our ISO Agents? LOLA POS.’s services practically sell themselves — meaning that you can see incredible career growth with our products and your five-star service. A few reasons why our current agents choose to […]

What Constitutes a Low-Risk Merchant Account?

Companies that qualify for low-risk merchant accounts often pay lower service fees and benefit from other perks that help them succeed. Can your business take advantage of low-risk merchant account processing? Learn more about what constitutes a low-risk merchant account, so you can focus on the best processing options that match your business’s features. Qualifying […]

Using Digital Wallets: A How-To Guide

Digital wallets have become a default transaction method for many customers. The mobile-friendliness, convenience, and security of using digital wallets enable smooth purchases with minimal fuss, eliminating the challenges of manual transactions. In addition, digital wallets store credit/debit cardholder’s credentials within their mobile device, simplifying the transactional process.   Apple Pay and Google Pay (formerly known […]

Automation and Payment Integration: How It Works for Businesses

Digital solutions such as automation and payment integration have become a necessary part of managing business transactions seamlessly. Digitizing your business means automating most tasks required to run a business’ payment systems and integrating them with modern digital technology, saving valuable time, effort, and cost.  Automated payments are critical aspects of running a competitive business, […]

How Embedded Finance Affects Banks

In simple terms, embedded finance is financial/banking services by a non-financial/banking services provider. Some key examples include digital wallets, payments, and lending services. For many banks, the rise of these offerings represents a threat and perhaps brings an urge to re-evaluate their products, modernize their services, and invest more in customer loyalty. In reality, embedded […]

What’s the Difference Between Agents and Merchants?

agent merchant

The payments processing industry involves a unique chain of participants, starting with the customer, who makes a payment and passes through several entities before reaching its destination. Somewhere along the way, agents are involved. Here’s a look at the difference between agents and merchants and the vital role that agents play in providing payment processing […]

8 Categories of Fintech


Fintech or financial technology has many categories. It constantly evolves to enhance and automate how financial services are used or provided. Fintech helps businesses and consumers with various operations in financial management.  What Is Fintech? Financial technology, or fintech, applies to all innovations in business transactions. Everything from the first double-entry in a ledger to […]

Why is Fintech Important?


Financial technology, or Fintech, continues to take the modern world by storm by driving digital transformation. The convenient technology makes it easier for individuals to make purchases, transfer money, and trade without conventional financial rules set forth by a centralized institution.  The umbrella term “Fintech” comprises various solutions businesses have implemented to improve their overall […]

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