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Black Friday Predictions 2017

Consumer Reports has announced its predictions for Black Friday, which will fall on November 24, this year. The predictions include the hottest items that shoppers can expect to find when they hit their favorite stores, the ways that they will be paying for merchandise, and the pricing models that consumers are likely to experience while they are shopping.

For starters, consumers can expect electronics to be some of the most popular items for sale this Black Friday, particularly 4K television sets. Consumer Reports claims that some of the best specials will have these TVs priced as low as $1,000 for a 65-inch model with HDR from a major brand.

Predictions from Consumer Reports say that Black Friday shoppers are likely to see some “derivative” models from big name brands such as LG and Samsung. These are essentially TVs with made-for-Black-Friday model numbers. Secondary brands are likely to offer similar products but they may include value-added features like Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV among others to entice buyers.

How are consumers going to shop this Black Friday? In accordance with the times, it appears that mobile devices, smartphones in particular, will be the preferred method that shoppers use to make their purchases. According to Salesforce, mobile devices will account for 60% of all traffic to retail websites this holiday shopping season. Additionally, the company expects that 40% of Black Friday purchases will be made on such devices.

A major reason shopping with a smartphone is gaining popularity is because users can access the internet and compare prices inside a store. They can also check emailed offers, social media posts, and use store-specific retail apps for last-minute deals.

With shopping made so easy these days, it’s really no surprise that smartphones are quickly becoming one of the most efficient ways to make purchases.

What Black Friday would be complete without low prices? As always, retailers will attempt to lure shoppers with great deals. However, this year, prices might be a little more consistent than consumers are used to. This is probably due to the fact that stores have done a better job in offering similar deals in both online and brick and mortar locations.

Retailers have also improved their price matching policies and strategies to keep customers shopping at their stores. For example, Best Buy promises to match the prices of seven online retailers, including Amazon.com. Target compares 27 online retailers, including Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, and Walmart.com. Walmart compares and matches the prices of 29 online competitors, including Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, and Target.com.

With Black Friday quickly approaching, understanding what to expect is a great way to stay ahead of the game. Using a smartphone to stay connected with retailers while looking for even better deals is another solid way to score great buys on a busy shopping day.

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