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The Making of a Booth

This week, LOLA POS. is exhibiting at Transact ’15: Powered by ETA, a prestigious payments conference hosted by the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) and held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Come visit our booth!

LOLA POS. has exhibited many times before, and each year, the company orchestrates a large and impressive booth display to introduce new products and services to the 4,000+ attendees walking the trade show floor.

So what goes into the making of such a great booth?

It All Starts About a Year Beforehand

Once ETA releases the coming year’s conference information, such as date and location, they contact previous exhibitors to notify them of the booth availability. LOLA POS then decides on booth location and size. LOLA POS has exhibited at various trade shows, bringing displays as small as 6 feet, and as large as a 20 by 20 booth.

Once size and location has been determined, the LOLA POS Marketing Team then begins on the design. With such a large space to work with, the Team can get creative with the architecture of the booth and integrate a variety of pieces to create a one-of-a-kind experience for their audience.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Oftentimes, it can take the Marketing Team months to create designs and make revisions, ensure colors are just right, and customize certain pieces to fit the display just right.

Once the Marketing and Executive Teams have approved the design, the booth will then be created by an 3rd party vendor and shipped to the trade show location. Booths as big as LOLA POS’s Transact ’15 booth can weigh hundreds of pounds and take days to arrive at the conference center!

Once the Marketing and Trade Show Teams have arrived at the exhibit hall, setup will begin. It takes various people a few hours to completely assemble, including hanging any aerial pieces, hooking up electricity, adding flooring to complete the look, and arranging each piece to match the digital design that the LOLA POS Marketing Team created.

Once the setup is complete, the Team is ready to step inside and begin demonstrating their products and services to the attendees during exhibit hours.

Want to see what the LOLA POS Team has to offer at Transact ’15? Stop by booth #217!

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