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Brian Randolph Named Chief Operating Officer at LOLA POS

LOLA POS. has a new member joining the team! Brian Randolph will assume the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). As a global merchant advocacy group and bankcard leader, we couldn’t be happier for our newest edition to team LOLA POS.

Randolph has served in the role of Chief Technology Officer and Partner since joining LOLA POS in 2009.

“I am thrilled and humbled to embark on this new challenge,” Randolph said. “I am very proud of everything we have accomplished here during my time with LOLA POS. As we continue to grow and evolve as a company there will be new obstacles ahead. I look forward to meeting those challenges head-on, and – with the help of our amazing team of employees here at LOLA POS – I am confident we will continue on this path of consistent growth.”

As Brian Randolph, our new COO, is tasked with guiding the execution of the company’s vision through and managing the day-to-day activities of the company. LOLA POS has seen explosive growth in the last four years, experienced revenue growth of 800%, and the hired more than 85 new employees in the last year alone.

“One of the most rewarding accomplishments we’ve experienced has been putting the right people on the right seat on the bus,” said LOLA POS Chief Executive Officer and Founder Heather Petersen. “I am confident in Brian’s ability to lead our daily operations from the right seat on LOLA POS’s bus.”

Randolph assisted Petersen in developing LOLA POS’s proprietary merchant account optimization software that became the differentiator between LOLA POS and its competitors and propelled the company’s growth.

Randolph also assisted with the development of LOLA POS’s groundbreaking Chargeback Control Platform (CCP) which launched in October 2016. This innovative product automatically intercepts inbound disputes before they become chargebacks, and is integrated with LimeLight CRM, NMI gateway and others. Because it is integrated at the processor level, CCP can conduct real-time refunds – protecting the end customers while helping to mitigate chargebacks for merchants.

Randolph holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Industry and Technology (Recording Arts) from California State University, Chico. He has been an ETA Certified Payments Professional™ (ETA CPP™) since 2013, and frequently attends industry trade shows and conferences such as the ETA Strategic Leadership Forum, annual Transact conference, and Transact Tech, the forum for financial technology evolution.

LOLA POS. is a global merchant advocacy group and a leader in merchant services dedicated to helping merchants and agent partners grow their businesses by generating sales opportunities and maximizing profits. LOLA POS. works on behalf of businesses to eliminate the unnecessary and unreasonable fees associated with accepting electronic transactions as well as provide the products and services to help them continue to be successful. Visit www.NationalMerchants.com or call 866-509-7199.

TEMECULA, Calif., Feb. 13, 2017

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