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Credit Card Processing in Murrieta, CA

With the recent growth and progress experienced by Murrieta, CA, the town’s motto of “The Future of Southern California,” is true to form. Bordered by Temecula to the south and Menifee as well as Wildomar to the north, Murrieta is a highly populated and well-developed suburban community.

The town itself offers all the amenities of a city more than twice its size – shopping malls and specialty stores, cuisines from around the world, parks and other outdoor recreational spaces, and world-class entertainment venues among other attractions make the Murrieta area attractive to residents and visitors alike.

Speaking of attractions, Old Town Murrieta, CA is a quaint little village of rustic charm. A little less busy than neighboring Temecula’s Old Town, Old Town Murrieta is dotted with historic buildings, boutique shops, and distinct watering holes. Merchants here love doing business with people looking to patronize local establishments while taking in all that the village has to offer.

Businesses in need of payment processing and dedicated merchant services in Murrieta and the surrounding area are always interested in partnering with a local company that is committed to the success of other local businesses. And that’s where LOLA POS. comes in.

Murrieta, CA Merchant Services

Contact LOLA POS today connect with a local payment processor that’s committed to being your partner and can steer your business to be as successful and profitable as possible. We’re Murrieta’s most experienced merchant services provider and we work with both online and brick-and-mortar merchants.

We’ve been providing payment processing services for businesses of all types for over ten years and we look forward to showing you how Payments Made Personal can help your business be the best it can be.

LOLA POS is the only global merchant services company based locally in the Murrieta area (Temecula). We’re a merchant advocacy group that works to eliminate the unnecessary and unreasonable fees associated with accepting credit cards – making businesses more successful and more profitable overall. LOLA POS has carved a unique niche in the payments industry, delivering customizable payment processing services in Murrieta including credit card processing among other merchant services. LOLA POS has consistently delivered value as Murrieta’s premier merchant services provider, specializing in both brick-and-mortar and online businesses.

Small Business Credit Card Processing in Murrieta, CA

credit card processing Murrieta CA

Whether you run a restaurant or retail establishment, rest assured that LOLA POS. provides the best payment processing for all types of businesses. We’re particularly proud of our credit card processing track record with a personal touch within the Murrieta area.

In-store payments like those found in restaurants and bars and other shops differ from online payments in many ways. For one, brick-and-mortar consumers generally have the ability to pay using a variety of methods including cards and mobile payments, compared to online consumers who are typically required to pay for products using only credit or debit cards.

Customers who patronize physical storefronts are able to use different forms of payment if they are enabled by the merchant. Aside from paying with cash and credit and debit cards, in-store payment methods can also include:

  • EMV (with chip card technology)
  • Digital wallets with near field communication (NFC)
  • EBT and other government-assisted means of payment

Credit cards issued with EMV® technology are now the new norm. EMV® is a standard of credit card security – a requirement, actually, that became effective in late 2015. Standing for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa, EMV® is basically fraud-reducing technology in the form of a microchip. This chip can help protect consumers and merchants against losses due to the use of counterfeit and lost or stolen payment cards at the actual point of sale.

With the use of a PIN, EMV® cards provide an extra level of security, making card duplication virtually impossible. Just a head’s up, fraud liability is now a merchant’s responsibility if they haven’t switched over to point of sale (POS) equipment compatible with EMV® technology.

LOLA POS goes the distance to ensure that merchants are equipped with the latest hardware and software options that are both EMV®-compatible as well as safe.

Life in Murrieta, CA

Aside from the multitude of things to see and do here, living in Murrieta, California provides the ultimate southern California lifestyle in a safe, enjoyable environment. How safe? According to the latest data, Murrieta is the safest city in Riverside County. On top of that, as recently as 2009, Murrieta was listed as the second safest city in the entire United States.

Murrieta’s public school system offers award-winning institutions where students learn through advanced technology and revolutionary methods that ready students for college and beyond. The community invests heavily in education and helps to provide opportunity to its young people.

The community also rallies around its people, coming together for various annual events that are organized by the city and service-minded citizens. The people of Murrieta are friendly, outgoing, and committed to the prosperity of their fine city. LOLA POS is committed to Murrieta as well and our Give-It-Back Program benefits local non-profit businesses and helps add to the betterment of the community.

Murrieta’s proximity to nearby Temecula wine country, snow-capped mountains in the near distance and the desert oasis, Palm Springs, not to mention San Diego to the south and Los Angeles to the west, make it an attractive southern California hub. Murrieta is literally the smallest metropolis in America, retaining small-town charm and feel.

A Different Kind of Credit Card Processor in Murrieta, CA

For over a decade, LOLA POS has provided sound merchant services for businesses of all types. We make it personal because to us, it’s much more than credit cards or payment processing – it’s a lasting relationship with our partners and it matters. Since 2004, we’ve taken our message of education and advocacy beyond Murrieta, reaching every corner of the United States and, increasingly, overseas.

We’ve even taken our advocacy message to Washington D.C., lobbying Congress to encourage legislators to support the needs of merchants in positive ways, helping to keep costs low for businesses to operate.

Aside from our message of education and advocacy, we also strive to provide the highest ratio of support personnel to our agents and merchants. This allows us to provide highly customizable and personalized experiences every step of the way, anticipating possible challenges before they happen and gives us the ability to take action.

Unlike working with “big box” payment processors or banks, when you partner with LOLA POS., you’ll get a dedicated, passionate set of industry experts who personally stand behind their work. From front-line expert merchant support to our in-house risk analysts and our underwriting, technology, and legal and finance teams, we pride ourselves on hiring and training the best in the payments industry.

LOLA POS takes a personal approach with each and every merchant we serve – and it shows. We understand that each merchant is different and unique and we take the time to get to know each and every account we service. This ensures long-lasting and profitable partnerships with the merchants we work with.

Our work is based on a promise based on transparency. Discover how lower processing costs along with our goal of 100% merchant satisfaction can drive your business to new heights. Contact LOLA POS today to speak with a merchant account specialist.

Advanced Payment Processing Services in Murrieta, CA

LOLA POS is dedicated to providing our merchants with state-of-the-art POS systems and terminals including software that accepts payments of all types – like EMV® and mobile payments (digital wallets). Keeping our merchants happy while keeping businesses safe and secure is a main goal and we do this by installing hardware that accepts multiple payment options and integrating it with powerful software that offers full integration. We also work with cutting edge technology and utilize mobile and wireless platforms, allowing our merchants to accept multiple forms of payments in addition to credit cards. This keeps consumers satisfied and provides added convenience for them, ensuring repeat, loyal customers.

We specialize in advanced expert merchant services and we’re happy to provide our expertise and personal services to all businesses in the Murrieta area that need help with their processing.

In addition to traditional brick and mortar processing, LOLA POS. is Murrieta’s high risk merchant account payment processing leader. Whether it’s in-store or online payments, our services are designed to help each and every merchant we serve and provide the very best payment processing services in Murrieta. With over ten years of experience and a specialized approach to the unique businesses in our area, we’re confident that our expertise will make any merchant successful as well as profitable.

The Murrieta Merchant Services Specialist That Works for You®

Contact LOLA POS today if your business is in need of payment processing in the local Murrieta area. We’re Murrieta’s premier merchant services provider for business of all types. We work with both online and brick-and-mortar merchants and specialize in both low and high risk merchant account services. If you’re looking for the best merchant account provider in Murrieta including the entire Temecula Valley, look no further. We look forward to being your partner in business!

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