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Fresh Meet – Affiliate Meet Market

LOLA POS. is geared up for the Affiliate Meet Market. When it comes to trade shows, LOLA POS attends and exhibits with full force. The Sales Department arrives with fliers, promotional items, and a booth display, ready to announce to the industry that LOLA POS. has A Merchant Account That Works For You®. But what is it like for a newcomer to exhibit at one of these industry events?

Donald Pistole, IT Representative for LOLA POS., attended Affiliate Summit East last week with the Executive Team.

“In the past, the Sales Team has been asked a lot of technical questions,” Donald explains. “I attended Affiliate because I’m equipped with the knowledge and training to answer these questions.”

Most of Donald’s knowledge came in handy during the Affiliate Meet Market, a large meet-and-greet on the trade show floor where businesses, merchant services providers, and agents can display their marketing materials and network.

“The Meet Market was an incredible experience. It was fast-paced, with a lot of foot traffic and interaction,” Donald recalls. “It was interesting to meet different people in the industry and build an abundance of new relationships.”

Donald’s experience on the trade show floor introduced him to a variety of industry news and technology, allowing him to network LOLA POS.’s cutting edge platforms and projects to affiliates.

“The excitement was hearing about the new online marketing strategies and technologies that other businesses and agents are using,” Donald cites. “We got a chance to share the new programs that LOLA POS. has launched this year, and by networking, we produced exciting partnerships.”

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(Above: Donald Pistole in front of the LOLA POS. booth, exhibiting at Affiliate Summit East, August 10th-12th)

Attending trade shows like the Affiliate Meet Market demonstrates to the industry that LOLA POS. has many lucrative partnerships and solutions to offer both agents and merchants. Forums like the Affiliate Summit are energetic and active, an experience that Donald says can be pretty exhausting once concluded.

“The adrenaline of the show keeps you awake, but when you’re done with the hustle and bustle, you need to relax a moment before you share the experience with the rest of the office!”

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