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Getting to the Core of LOLA POS’s Director of Sales Support

Alexis King, Director of Sales Support for LOLA POS. (LOLA POS) just recently celebrated her 2 year anniversary at the company.  She’s a successful executive staff member of LOLA POS and spends her days forging outstanding relationships with agents and merchants.

So what’s a normal day look like for the “King of the Office”?

Walk into King’s office and you’ll hear her Pandora Radio playing the top hits of the week, and the constant clicking of her computer mouse as she surveys a myriad of social media platforms.

Social media plays a huge part in King’s career, as LOLA POS works with hundreds of agents who live all across the United States, and even a handful across the globe.

“Keeping up with these agents on a regular basis allows me to build a strong business relationship,” King explains. “When you have a personal connection with someone, that creates a trusting business partnership.”

Knowing an agent on a personal as well as business level allows King to better assess their needs as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO). A regular and consistent presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even instant messaging applications like Skype help build strong interpersonal relationships, as well as help King and LOLA POS’s agents conduct business.

“Having a conversation over Skype and Facebook about planning a business lunch or an agent event is one way our company operates so efficiently and timely,” King reveals. “In the time it takes me to check my email or retrieve a voicemail, I have already scheduled meetings with five agents via social media.”

King’s energetic office presence and efficient work ethic is fueled by an iced caramel coffee each morning, and a quick run around the block each afternoon.

The caffeine and exercise are just the right amount of energy that King needs to plan upcoming agent functions.

“LOLA POS loves to show its appreciation to agents,” King divulges, keeping most of the company’s upcoming plans a well-kept secret. “We have event plans in the works for the upcoming months. It is definitely something to look forward to!”

This Director of Sales Support and her tireless energy are always hard at work at the LOLA POS headquarters. Feel free to message her on any one of these social media platforms and see how the “King of the Office” can Work For You® and your business.

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