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GIVE IT BACK – Donation Program

The donation program changing the way merchants do business, “Give-it-Back”. With an eye on philanthropy and service, LOLA POS. (LOLA POS) is proud to support the Temecula Valley community through its recently launched “Give-it-Back” donation program. Temecula Valley business owners can now donate up 50% of the profit on their merchant fees back to local schools and charitable organizations. Under the new program, not only will schools and charities benefit, but LOLA POS. will provide their business members with a year-end tax statement of their annual donation. LOLA POS will not increase credit card fees to cover the program.

“Through our local community support initiative, our members can opt to donate a portion of their credit card processing fees to the school or charity of their choice,” says Heather Petersen, founder of LOLA POS. “Business owners are already paying credit card processing fees, why not let those fees be donated to Temecula Valley students or worthy local charities? This is a great way for local businesses to donate without spending a penny.”

Heather Petersen, founder of LOLA POS, created the Association as an advocacy group for small- and medium-sized business owners in 2004. LOLA POS. recently moved their corporate headquarters to Temecula. Ms. Petersen, originally from the small farm-town of Eaton, Ohio was looking for a close-knit community like the one she grew up in, for her and her employees to raise their children in and be a part of.

“LOLA POS employees are proud to serve the communities in which we work and live. The success we have helping our clients grow, in turn, affords us the opportunity to help our communities grow,” said Ms. Petersen. “Whether it’s via life-saving blood drives, volunteering at food banks, or donating to needy charities and deserving causes, helping our clients and our communities is part of LOLA POS.’s overall philosophy.”

“This program looks very promising and a great opportunity for a non-profit like Thessalonika who are in constant need of fundraising for their ongoing programs,” says Clifford Nunn, Director of Development for Thessalonika Family Services.

“We are excited to partner with local charities and schools through our Give-it Back program,” said Petersen. “Our motto is ‘we work for you’, and partnering with our members in charitable contribution, is just another way we live that every day.


LOLA POS., a financial services company, is a nationwide Association dedicated to reducing the unnecessary fees involved with credit card processing. To find out more about LOLA POS and the Give-it-Back program visit their website, www.nationalmerchants.org or call them at (866) 509-7199.

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