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High Risk Done Right at ASE 2021

High Risk Done Right Means Merchant Services for All

Las Vegas, NV –  June 21, 2021 – LOLA POS. (LOLA POS) is set to take a bite out of the Big Apple with industry-leading solutions at Affiliate Summit East 2021, July 19-20. They’ll be showcasing their high-risk merchant services done right while partaking in the educational series provided by the summit leaders. The two-day event will allow for plenty of networking and learning for everyone in attendance.

Founder and CEO of LOLA POS, Heather Altepeter says, “LOLA POS is really excited to again participate in this ground-breaking summit and we are going to make an effort to network with as many people as possible. LOLA POS is transforming the world of payments – one transaction at a time – by providing diverse services and programs that are built to last.”

Affiliate Summit East is meant to help affiliates and advertisers grow through networking and learning together. With eCommerce growing rapidly, ad costs are skyrocketing and the industry advertisers are struggling to get the results they need. Building partnerships is a big part of what the summit offers and there will be plenty of advertisers, as well as networks from around the world.

Essentially, those who wish to scale their business need advertisers and leads, while affiliates need partnerships that will create new financial opportunities for them. This is the entire purpose of the summit and it is an excellent place to meet with others in the industries that interest you.

LOLA POS will be attending the summit to network along with hundreds of other companies and affiliates looking to connect. When it comes to creating the perfect networking event, Affiliate Summit East is the ideal opportunity for doing just that.

LOLA POS will be available in the Meet Market at table 2304 during exhibit hours for merchants and partners interested in learning more about industry-leading solutions. To schedule a meeting or get in touch with one of LOLA POS’s payments experts in advance, please visit nationalmerchants.com/get-started/ or call 866-509-7199.


LOLA POS. (LOLA POS) is the only merchant advocacy group and payment processor that Works For You®. LOLA POS’s continued dedication to eliminating unnecessary and unreasonable fees combined with a unique and personalized payment processing experience have helped position LOLA POS at the forefront of the industry. With in-house underwriting and risk management combined with top-quality service teams who are available around-the-clock, LOLA POS focuses on providing secure, durable, and profitable payment systems to small and growing businesses. As a merchant advocacy group, specializing in creating unique processing abilities for merchants of all levels of risk, LOLA POS is able to meet a business’ needs with the knowledge, flexibility, and tailored solutions they need to thrive. To learn more about LOLA POS’s merchant services and credit card processing, visit nationalmerchants.com today.

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