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Meet Uber Health: Ride Service to Healthcare Appointments

Uber Health is transforming the way patients get to the doctor.

Imagine missing a doctor’s appointment because you couldn’t find a ride. It’s an unfortunate reality for millions of Americans, as approximately 3.6 million patients miss appointments due to a lack of transportation.

Enter the latest in ridesharing: Uber Health. The program was introduced as a way for Uber to partner with healthcare organizations to provide reliable transportation for patients in need. This new service offers flexible ride scheduling for patients, caregivers, and staff. Care coordinators can schedule rides for patients immediately, within a few hours, or even up to 30 days in advance.

Scheduling future rides is a unique perk, allowing transportation to be arranged for follow-up appointments while the patient is still at the doctor’s office. Similarly, caregivers can schedule multiple rides and manage them from the screen of a computer, tablet, or mobile phone with little friction: Uber Health’s easy-to use dashboard makes it simple to order rides going to and from the care they need, according to a recent Uber blog post.

For patients without smartphones or access to a computer, Uber is reaching out to them via text message. Soon, the company will include the option for riders to receive a call containing the details of their trip.

Uber stated that more than 100 healthcare organizations in the United States – including various clinics, hospitals, senior and home care centers, physical therapy centers, and rehab centers – have already begun using Uber Health as part of a recently launched beta program.

Uber also hopes to provide first-time riders with an enjoyable experience, stating on the company’s blog, “For many, their first-ever Uber ride will be through Uber Health, so we’re committed to providing the necessary education tools that ensure every patient feels comfortable and at ease during their journey.”

For patients with chronic diseases, finding reliable transportation can be difficult but a program like Uber Health will make it easy to never miss an appointment again.

Uber is a company that understands the importance of not leaving people behind and their latest project, Uber Health is a reflection on the company’s desire to ensure that patients stay healthy and happy. LOLA POS. is committed to ensuring that no merchants are left behind and works as a payments processor, but more importantly, an industry advocate and educator. Contact LOLA POS to learn more!

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