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Mobile Payments Forecast for the Future

Trending now and for a long time in the future – mobile payments! As if we had to tell you, smart phones are here for the long haul – no more flip phones!

Are YOU using your phone to pay for your purchases? If you’re a merchant, does your business accept mobile payments?

If not, you’re already behind the curve.

The mobile wallet space is expected to reach $37 billion in 2015, a recent article by Invest Correctly reports.

Who are the major players? Apple, of course, as well as Google, Samsung, and PayPal, followed by lesser known (but covered in past LOLA POS blogs!) CurrentC.

The concept behind mobile wallets is inherently, convenience. Why carry around a fat wallet stuffed with plastic cards that you might forget, or lose, when you can keep all of your information on your smartphone where it is protected?

The protection factor is what pulls consumers in. Tokenization, the encryption of the consumer’s sensitive information throughout the transaction process, is the real trend. Consumers have been warned about card skimming, and forgery of plastic cards, and money laundering. But tokenization is the payment industry’s new defense against fraud, and mobile wallets help keep information close to the consumer, rather than out in the world for fraudsters to intercept and copy for their own illegal use.

Apple Pay™ and other mobile payments aren’t foolproof (as LOLA POS covered in this blog), however tokenization is a stronghold that hasn’t been breached yet, and that fact is causing more and more consumers to use mobile payments.

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