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Mobile Point of Sale Systems Served Up in Restaurants

Are small business owners up for mobile point of sale systems? Small business owners typically open their shops and stores because they’re passionate about what they do and want to do it better than anyone else. The only problem is that sometimes they don’t have the knowledge, know-how, or time to stay on top of technological advancements to improve their business processes. Restaurant owners are no different and they also struggle to keep up with technology. However, recent technological progress has been made in the form of mobile point of sale systems (mPOS) that is pushing restaurateurs to adapt to the changing times.

The past month saw several notable developments in the mPOS landscape that were geared toward restaurants and food services, according to a January 5th article in PYMNTS. Additionally, companies are introducing new solutions that offer restaurant owners easier ways to manage their inventories and staff, as well as new options for customers to pay their bills.

Several companies recently rolled out products aimed at improving restaurant services for both customers and back-office management. A new cloud-based iPad POS system that can work with a restaurant’s connected devices, including thermostats and security cameras was recently introduced by Benseron Hospitality and a software upgrade from Thr!ve POS now allows restaurants to monitor inventory and customize delivery times and pricing options.

PYMNTS also reported that offering customers easier ways to split their checks is another benefit that is becoming increasingly available at restaurants. IPad POS technology provider TouchBistro won a patent for its bill-splitting feature that allows servers to divide tabs among a group so that customers pay for what they ordered and are taxed appropriately.

Who knows what the future holds? One thing is for sure: while the traditional way of doing business is fine for a lot of restaurant owners, those that are smart and savvy are taking another look at how technology can help their businesses succeed and using mobile point of sale systems is just one way they can streamline processes while saving money.

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