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Motive and Reason: Doing it ‘LOLA POS Style’

Ask any of LOLA POS.’s Team Members why they are in the bankcard industry, why they love their job, and why they continue to help merchants obtain processing, the response will be overwhelmingly similar: LOLA POS Team Members enjoy working with agents and merchants!

There are many reasons why LOLA POS Team Members love the industry and enjoy their careers, and those reasons give them the initiative to succeed in the business.

But what about the small pitfalls and stagnant periods of time when LOLA POS Team Members find themselves lacking in new activity and energetic momentum?

That is where the LOLA POS Goal Program comes into place.

Each month, LOLA POS Team Members meet with their supervisors to set goals for the following month that correspond with the company goals. If LOLA POS is hoping to obtain more local merchant accounts in order to create more of a company presence within the community, the sales team will set goals to meet with more local merchants. The Marketing Department will set goals to create more articles in local papers and websites, and departments like Underwriting and Risk will attend more seminars and online symposiums in order to educate themselves on the most up-to-date industry news and trends. Goals range from obtaining more industry knowledge, completing an additional task, or even starting a new project.

These goals improve the company and demonstrate each employee’s dedication to their position within LOLA POS.

What keeps these hardworking Team Members achieving their goals so successfully? What motivates them to work towards meeting even the toughest of objectives?

Rewards such as gift cards, paid time off, and weekend trips for 2 motivate the LOLA POS Team Members to work through the tough tasks.

It is tasks like these that become goals for the LOLA POS Team Members, and when the staff meet these goals triumphantly, the LOLA POS Executive Staff doesn’t let these accomplishments go unrecognized.

“Oftentimes, when part of the office staff is away at an industry tradeshow, it leaves the remaining workload to fall on the shoulders of the Team Members in the office,” Alexis King, Director of Sales Support states. “It can be overwhelming taking on the responsibilities of two of your coworkers, and trying to balance those tasks with your own can be stressful.”

Luckily, the LOLA POS. is a staff full of talented individuals with a wide range of industry knowledge and a good sense of dedication and perseverance, and tasks are always accomplished.

“Knowing that your efforts are recognized when you meet your monthly goals helps energizes the staff,” King reveals. “The payments industry is a fast-paced, high-energy field. Slowing down every once and a while to appreciate the hard-working folks around you can put your career into perspective. We are all here for the right reason. To help merchants with a merchant account that meets their needs!”

Setting these monthly goals allow Team Members to plan out a course of action. King claims that knowing what she must work to achieve puts her in the right mindset to get things rolling.

“It’s a kickoff to the month. Fresh start, fresh goals, a fresh way to motivate our office.”

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