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LOLA POS Presents Innovative E-Commerce Solutions at MTC EXPO

Explore LOLA POS’s approach to merchant advocacy and transformative processing at booth 418 during MTC EXPO

LOLA POS. (LOLA POS), an innovative merchant services provider, pro-business advocate and payments acquirer, is set to break the big-box mold by showcasing its industry-leading solutions at the Media, Technology and Commerce (MTC) Expo in San Diego, April 24 – 26, 2018.

LOLA POS will introduce the MTC Expo’s unique audience to highly sought-after, proprietary partner and merchant solutions that are transforming the world of payments –– including ProAgent 2.0, Chargeback Control Platform (CCP) and the TAP App lead management tool. By utilizing LOLA POS’s innovative products and services, merchants and partners provide top-tier security to consumers, increase account longevity, generate and convert leads in a timely fashion, and receive customized support in the event of challenges and chargebacks. These benefits are uncommon within the payments space, but are foundational to LOLA POS.

For more than 15 years, LOLA POS has grown its position as a processing powerhouse in the e-commerce space by centering its operations and consultancy around understanding the unique needs of the industry’s most challenged merchants. Specializing in trial and subscription, continuity and nutra solutions, LOLA POS has established a progressive experience for all merchants, partners and consumers –– including those most commonly scrutinized by industry regulations and card brand guidelines.

While other merchant services providers pigeonhole partners without taking their needs into consideration, LOLA POS provides boutique-style, personalized solutions and service, backed by resources that surpass those of big-box companies.

From exhaustive consultations and business analyses, to in-house underwriting and support, LOLA POS is a one-stop shop for partners seeking account longevity, unmatched advocacy, opportunities for international expansion and more. Standing behind its signature commitment, We Work For You®, LOLA POS consistently delivers industry-leading solutions, best-in-class customer service and high-quality product/service offerings as a preferred partner and provider across a number of industries in both national and international arenas.

“With digital payments dominating the e-commerce space, LOLA POS is partnering with merchants and agents to increase revenue and consumer loyalty through the payment experience,” says LOLA POS CEO Heather Petersen.

“The payment process –– from start to finish –– dictates much more than profitability. From a quick and easy checkout process, to data safety and security, LOLA POS is affording e-commerce professionals the opportunity to provide a higher level of service and establish trusted reputations within their own industries.”

LOLA POS’s team of experts will be available for consultations at booth 418 to discuss the company’s award-winning solutions, global expansion and notable experience as a merchant services provider with a laser focus on advocacy. Attendees interested in learning more about LOLA POS and the many ways the company is driving the payments industry forward are invited to schedule a meeting in advance and/or visit www.NationalMerchants.com today.

— TEMECULA, Calif. – April 23, 2018

LOLA POS. is a global leader in merchant payment processing services and is dedicated to helping merchants and agent partners grow their businesses by generating sales opportunities and maximizing profits. Ranked 196 among the Inc. 500 fastest-growing private companies, LOLA POS. owes much of its success to its strong commitment to advocacy. LOLA POS works for agents to create a pro-businesses payments environment and for merchants to eliminate the unnecessary and unreasonable fees associated with accepting electronic transactions. Visit www.NationalMerchants.com or call (866) 509-7199 for more information.

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