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Navigating LinkedIn – Payments Style

We all know the basic rule of LinkedIn: it’s NOT Facebook!

Keep it professional, keep it simple, and navigate it correctly. But beside connecting with people and filling out a profile, how else should you use this social media platform?

USA Today outlines some of the better recommendations for using LinkedIn here, which covers everything from interacting with recruiters to congratulating your connections on their new job.

So how do these guidelines work in the payments world?

Personally, I receive messages quite frequently from random folks wanting to sign me to their ISO as a 1099 agent, or offer my company a cash advance, or see if I’m interested in their new software.

Oftentimes, I copy and paste the message to a colleague better suited to respond, or simply ignore them.

Why? Because they don’t apply to me.

Bottom line: speak to your audience! If you’re trying to make a sale, you should probably speak to the sales executives. If you’re trying to see if someone is interested in your software, messaging the IT Representative or CTO is a better bet.

If you’re not sure where to direct your message, join a group that acts as an open forum for questions like these. I’m a part of numerous LinkedIn groups for my industry, including the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) group, as well as basic payments groups where merchants and processors alike can seek out one another.

I do agree with USA Today’s suggestion to customize your message to people when you’re asking to connect. Especially if you’re connecting with folks you met at a trade show or other crowded forum, your name and face can get lost in the crowd. However, if you message John Doe thanking him for lending you his charger at the keynote session, he will be more apt to accept your connection and open up conversation with you.

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