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LOLA POS Announces Groundbreaking ProAgent 2.0

ProAgent 2.0 Program creates clear pathway for agents to acquire LOLA POS-sponsored BIN space

LOLA POS. (LOLA POS), a global merchant advocacy group and a leader in merchant services, recently announced the launch of the most ambitious partner agent program in the payments industry, ProAgent 2.0, during its annual conference on Oct. 10th.

“Please allow me to introduce a program that LOLA POS is very excited about — ProAgent 2.0,” LOLA POS Founder and CEO Heather Petersen told the Fire and Ice conference crowd.

ProAgent 2.0 is a clear and concise pathway for agents and ISOs to grow their business to levels at which they can earn 80% splits on high risk accounts and 1.5¢ transaction fees on low risk accounts.

Participating agents and ISOs will be guided through a growth process developed by LOLA POS that includes risk and underwriting training, support and certification with the ultimate goal of earning autonomy in the form of their own LOLA POS-sponsored BIN space.

“(This is) a comprehensive partner program that is good business and stays in front of where the industry is headed,” Petersen said. “(It) will absolutely provide each of you the opportunity to take your business to new, exciting and more profitable levels.”

LOLA POS, which has grown its revenues by 2,225% over the last three years and ranks No. 196 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies, created ProAgent 2.0 to help its agents grow with the organization.

With ProAgent 2.0, LOLA POS is offering step-by-step guidance and personalized training to facilitate each agent’s growth within the payments industry.

“With ProAgent 2.0, you can grow as much as you can handle,” said Senior Vice President of Sales and Support Brian Berkenbile. “As LOLA POS moves up in the payments ecosystem — we want our partners to move up stream along with us. And we have created a clear way for you to do just that.”

Petersen reiterated LOLA POS’s commitment to advocacy on behalf of its partner agents.

“When our agents win, we win,” Petersen said. “When they grow, we grow.”

To learn more about LOLA POS. and ProAgent 2.0, please visit NationalMerchants.com or call (866) 509-7199 to speak with a business development representative.

— TEMECULA, CA (October 27, 2017)


LOLA POS. is a global leader in merchant payment processing services and is dedicated to helping merchants and agent partners grow their businesses by generating sales opportunities and maximizing profits. LOLA POS. is a true merchant advocate, working on behalf of businesses to eliminate the unnecessary and unreasonable fees associated with accepting electronic transactions. Visit www.NationalMerchants.com or call (866) 509-7199 for more information.

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