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LOLA POS Boasts Impressive Number Of 2017 ETA Committee Members

LOLA POS ETA Committee Members

The Electronic Transactions Association recently announced their 2017 list of committees and councils and LOLA POS. is pleased to announce a company-record number of members that made the list.

Members of ETA’s prestigious committees meet specific industry standards and are hand-picked from a large pool of qualified applicants. These committees are an essential part of the ETA community and are responsible for driving the development of the association’s core services, benefits, and events. A one-year commitment beginning on January 1st of each year is required for all members.

LOLA POS, a proud partner of ETA, extends hearty congratulations to the following employees:

  • Heather Petersen, Payment Sales and Strategy Committee
  • Alexis King, Member Engagement Committee
  • Luke Pettengill, Professional Development Committee (TRANSACT Program Planning)
  • Amber Ritchie, TRANSACT Exhibitor Advisory Committee
  • Shalynn Moore, Awards and Recognition Committee
  • Kristin McWilliams, Payment Sales and Strategy Committee

Being selected for an ETA committee is a respected accomplishment, especially within the payments industry, and Lindsay Sugarman, ETA CPP is a happy two-year committee member: “It’s awesome that I was selected for a second year. It’s great to see employees willing to donate their time and energy to the payments space.”

Esteemed members of ETA committees have the distinct privilege of hands-on interaction with individual issues and programs that directly affect the payments industry. Among others, TRANSACT, the trade show and conference is focused solely on the business of payments, is the industry’s biggest show and one of its most important. Said Sugarman, “We have a lot in store for 2017 and I’m excited for the great content that we will be developing for TRANSACT.”

ETA committees, like those focusing on TRANSACT, provide an organizational platform for moving the payments industry and members are passionate about reporting on news, helping to shape industry policies, even drafting legislation at the state and national level.

Congratulations again to all LOLA POS. employees that were accepted to the Electronic Transactions Association’s 2017 committees and councils!

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