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LOLA POS. is Expanding!

LOLA POS. is Expanding Company Headquarters

 The LOLA POS. office is expanding – both in office space and in Team Members!

Already occupying space within the corporate building located in Temecula, California, LOLA POS. made arrangements earlier this year to double their occupancy to accommodate new hires.

“We have recently brought on additional Underwriters as well as Risk Analysts,” Heather Petersen, Chief Executive Officer of LOLA POS., states. “Our departments were expanding and our workplace wasn’t. So we acquired the adjoining suites, and renovations are in process. By the time of completion, LOLA POS. will occupy nearly one-third of the building.”

The newly acquired suites will enable LOLA POS. to continue growing its successful business and more efficiently serve new and existing agents and merchants.

“The recent addition of Bernadette Guidry to our Underwriting Department, and Pablo Nuñez to our Risk Department, allows LOLA POS. to increase the efficiency, productivity, and turn-around time for merchant deals,” Petersen explains. “With our new expanding headquarters, we expect to bring on even more industry professionals in the coming months. Our growing Team gives LOLA POS. the manpower and efficiency to provide our merchants with an increased range of services in addition to high-risk merchant accounts, account-specific risk monitoring, and international merchant accounts for the merchants conducting global business.”

“This upgrade to our company headquarters allows us to enhance the resourcefulness of our Team,” Petersen asserts. “The installation of a conference room within each department allows the Team to consult one another regarding industry standards and merchant account documents. We’ve developed a well executed system for efficiency.”

Employee performance unites with innovation at the LOLA POS. office in the shape of workplace enhancements intended to accommodate the holistic needs of the industry experts at this cutting edge merchant services provider.

LOLA POS. rejoins the ranks of other distinguished companies by observing the business trend of designing office space to foster creativity and effectiveness.

Innovative companies such as Google, AOL, Facebook, YouTube, and Red Bull all incorporate elements of fun in their corporate headquarters with the intention of boosting office morale and employee performance.

Implementing these transformations to LOLA POS.’s office will offer Team Members a fresh perspective and a beneficial space to focus on expanding services and harboring creativity.

This aesthetically inviting workplace will feature plush seating, whiteboards for visualconcept mapping, kinesthetic tools to stimulate inventiveness, as well as cutting edge technology.

“Creating a space where Team Members can brainstorm and collaborate on projects is essential,” Petersen points out. “Building a room that conveys a tranquil synergy to Team Members will foster an environment of performance, encourage creativity, and cultivate employees who believe in and work toward the ideology of our company.”

– Temecula, Calif.- June 18th, 2014

About LOLA POS. LOLA POS. (LOLA POS) is a financial services company dedicated to reducing the unnecessary fees involved with credit card processing. To learn more about LOLA POS, visit www.lolapos.com or call (866) 509-7199.

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