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We’re Hiring!

You may have seen photos and posts on social media about LOLA POS.’s hiring frenzy. We’re expanding! We’re growing! We’re in need of more great employees!

LOLA POS has hosted several open houses, inviting folks who have submitted their applications and resumes to come meet the hiring managers, tour the office, and get a better sense of our company and what our goals are in the payments industry.

So what do our new hires have in common? And what are we looking for when we interview for potential LOLA POS Team Members? This article suggests the 15 best traits that employers look for when hiring – and we agree with them! However, since our company is so dynamic and each department is different, we have even more traits that we look for in potential hires.

1. Confidentiality

LOLA POS Team Members come across a lot of sensitive information when dealing with merchant and agent profiles, applications, and important documents. It’s important that our staff keep all information confidential and private, in order to remain compliant with PCI-DSS (payment card industry data security standards).

2. Dynamic

The payment card industry is ever-changing, and so is our company. There may come a time when an LOLA POS Team Member is needed to supplement another department, learn a new task, or even move from one position to fulfill another. Having a dynamic, open personality and the drive to take on important tasks delegated to them is an important trait we look for in our potential hires.

3. Thirst for Knowledge

LOLA POS calls for all employees to become an Electronic Transactions Association Certified Payments Professional (ETA CPP™) in their first 2 years of employment. This industry specific certification designates expertise in the bankcard industry and allows LOLA POS to operate in the most efficient, productive, and compliant manner. Constant education and the motivation for continuous learning within the industry is a must.

Do you have these qualities? Ready for YOUR chance to interview? Click here to get started! 

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