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LOLA POS Debuts No-Cost Credit Card Processing Program

Financial services company’s no-cost credit card processing option improves bottom line for merchants

LOLA POS. (LOLA POS) – an innovative merchant services provider, pro-business advocate and payments acquirer – is empowering businesses to earn and save more revenue through its progressive No-Cost Credit Card Processing Program.

A Super-Charged Program
LOLA POS’s No-Cost Processing Program affords merchants the opportunity to pass the cost of accepting credit cards on to the consumer – eliminating the need for merchants to pay processing fees associated with credit card transactions.

How Does It Work?
Using a pass-through processing system integrated with a merchant’s existing point-of-sale software, LOLA POS’s program pre-analyzes transactions and automatically detects whether a customer is using a credit or debit card. Upon detection, the system will display the transaction amount – including the processing fee – before giving customers the option to authorize or cancel.

Program Benefits:

  • Merchants receive 100 percent of the item/service sale price when customers pay by credit card
  • Compliant with major credit card networks and with individual state restrictions
  • Merchants have the ability to offer consumers a discount on transactions paid with cash or a debit card
  • Automatic surcharge alert and notice of alternative payment options
  • Seamless integration with compatible POS systems
  • No additional hardware needed
  • Expedited, in-house tech support and customer care provided

A testament to its commitment to merchant advocacy and success, LOLA POS seeks to empower businesses through its No-Cost Processing Program.

“Throughout the course of a year, many merchants absorb excessive costs that they often don’t anticipate – all in an effort to better serve customers,” says LOLA POS CEO, Heather Altepeter.

“LOLA POS’s new No-Cost Processing Program puts merchants in control to accept payment methods preferred by customers without penalties.”

Businesses interested in partnering with LOLA POS to increase revenue and save on payment processing costs should visit dev-nma.pantheonsite.io/credit-card-processing/surcharge/ or call (866) 509-7199 today.

– TEMECULA, Calif. – June 29, 2018


LOLA POS. is a global leader in merchant payment processing services and is dedicated to helping merchants and agent partners grow their businesses by generating sales opportunities and maximizing profits. Ranked 196 among the Inc. 500 fastest-growing private companies, LOLA POS. owes much of its success to its strong commitment to advocacy. LOLA POS works for agents to create a pro-businesses payments environment and for merchants to eliminate the unnecessary and unreasonable fees associated with accepting electronic transactions. Visit www.NationalMerchants.com or call (866) 509-7199 for more information.

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