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Payment Processing – What Needs to Change

At a recent conference on credit card processing, Stripe President John Collison shares his thoughts on what needs to change in payment processing to improve the consumer experience.

He states that online product purchases mirror the mail order system of the 1970’s, in that consumers fill out the same information and submit in order to purchase their product.

Is the e-commerce user experience really affected that greatly by having to fill out payment information similarly to decades past? The personal computer (PC) and mobile devices “remember” credit card information to ease the process, and services like Amazon provide “one-touch” purchases that customize the user experience. It’s never been easier to purchase online, or even accidentally purchase online!

What Collison barely touches on in his video interview is online fraud; if we make the online purchase process easier and simpler, will fraud increase as well? Today’s consumer wants to put in as little work as possible to get their product; instant gratification is desired. However, the more we cut corners to increase the “consumer experience” by making the purchase process faster, simpler, and less strenuous (What’s my credit card number again? What does CVV even stand for? I can’t remember the zip code this card is under!) we are leaving a larger margin for fraud and for sensitive data to get into the wrong hands.

So what needs to change is the consumer’s idea of a satisfying online purchasing experience. Knowing that one’s personal information is safe online should be gratifying enough, despite the hoops online shopping carts and gateways make consumers jump through to ensure a successful transaction.

So the next time that you make a purchase online, and must fill out a long list of information in order to confirm your purchase, know that your information is protected, and your identity is staying where it belongs – with you!

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