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New Charitable Partnership with Rancho Damacitas

LOLA POS. has a New Charitable Partnership with Rancho Damacitas

LOLA POS. (LOLA POS) is proud to announce a charitable partnership with Rancho Damacitas through the LOLA POS Give-It-Back donation program. Their mission statement: “At the heart of Rancho Damacitas Children’s Homes (TFS) is a dedicated team working in concert for the benefit of the children entrusted to us! The goal is to heal emotional scars and provide hope for a new beginning…One of Promise, Purpose, and Integrity”

With an eye on philanthropy and service, LOLA POS. (LOLA POS) is proud to support Rancho Damacitas through its “Give-it-Back” donation program. LOLA POS business members can donate up 50% of the profit on their merchant fees back to local schools and charitable organizations like Rancho Damacitas. Under National Merchant Association’s Give-It Back program, not only do schools and charities benefit, but also LOLA POS provides its business members with a year-end tax statement of their annual donation. LOLA POS will not increase credit card fees to cover the program.

“They’ve made it so simple.  The merchant saves money while receiving a great service and LOLA POS then turns around and gives a portion of their income to our youth and programs.” – Clifford Nunn Director of Development at Thessalonika Family Services

“We are excited to partner with Rancho Damacitas through our Give-it Back program.” said Heather Petersen, founder of the LOLA POS.. “Our motto is ‘we work for you®‘, and partnering with our members in charitable contribution, is just another way we live that everyday.

LOLA POS., a financial services company, is a nationwide Association dedicated to reducing the unnecessary fees of credit card processing. As a member of The LOLA POS., you not only save on your merchant services program, but you gain a partner in business development. To find out more about LOLA POS and the Give-it-Back program visit, www.lolapos.com or call (866) 509-7199.

– Temecula, California January 2013  

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