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Restaurant Processing

You Feed Your Customers, We’ll Process Your Payments!

From ice cream shops to fine dining, every restaurant processing relies on a fast, efficient, low-fee terminals to power their operations. Here at LOLA POS, we specialize in helping small, local businesses like yours find a payment terminal solution that fits their needs.

With our restaurant credit card processing options and expertise, we can get you up and running quickly, all while improving your customers’ experience.

Features That Matter to Your Restaurant

  • The latest hardware and software allows servers to bring mobile terminals straight to the table, helping customers feel more secure about their transaction.
  • Adjust tips based on transaction or server number with the touch of a button, saving servers time so they can tend to other customers.
  • Add a tip suggestion to the receipt to make it easy for customers to calculate the perfect tip, helping servers turn tables faster while increasing overall revenue.
  • Produce a wide range of reports directly from the terminal, allowing you to reduce the time spent reconciling daily and monthly statements. You can even generate individual server reports.

Did You Know…

If your restaurant regularly processes small-ticket transactions ($15 or less), we offer special programs that can waive your transaction fees altogether and put more money in your pocket. These programs are ideal for coffee shops, bakeries, and food carts that routinely fill small-ticket orders.

LOLA POS vs. Square: Choosing The Best Service

As a local restaurant, building a relationship with your payments processor is critical to keeping your doors open. Here at LOLA POS, we pride ourselves on our highly available support teams who are always available around the clock. As a business, you’ll come to love our accessible, helpful, and friendly staff who are devoted to helping your restaurant thrive.

Unlike major competitors, LOLA POS is able to offer you the quality service you expect at fees you can afford thanks to our loyal focus on small businesses. We offer:

  • Around-the-clock customer service and technical support.
  • Systems that adhere to the PCI Data Security Standard.
  • Help getting your restaurant in compliance with PCI, too.

Interested in learning more about how LOLA POS can help your restaurant thrive? Reach out to us to learn more or get started on your approval today.

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