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Square is Now Apple Shaped

A few blogs ago, we brought you the reasons why Apple Pay™ wasn’t trending off the charts  to the degree experts had anticipated. Now, we bring you the newest trend – Square, Inc. pairing up with Apple Pay™ to create a reader that allows small businesses using Square, to also integrate Apple Pay™.

Square has turned a past competitor into a current partner in a move that will “increase the influence of both companies in the payments space,” a Forbes article states.

Smart move for smart phone users, who are increasingly using mobile wallets and near field communication (NFC) payment methods for their daily transactions.

This new reader will open up Apple Pay™ integration for more merchants, especially micro merchants.

Do you currently accept Apple Pay™? Apple, Inc. CEO Tim Cook calls 2015 “the year of Apple Pay™” prompting payments professionals throughout the industry to yet again speak up about the importance of merchants jumping at the chance to upgrade their payment technology to allow their customers to accept Apple Pay™.

In today’s economy, you’re either in, or you’re out. Stay in with current technology and integrate Apple Pay™ into your business.

Everyone is looking down at their phones these days. Be the reason why. 

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