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The Benefits of Mobile Invoicing

Mobile invoicing can provide convenience for your entire team, encouraging on-time payments, simplifying administrative work for your business, and giving you more opportunities to wow your clients. So, what else should you know about mobile invoicing? Here’s a look at the top advantages of upgrading to a mobile invoice solution. 

Why Should You Switch to Mobile Invoices?

Mobile invoices can be your standalone solution for collecting payments as a small business, or it might be a complementary option next to your current digital invoicing solution. The definition of a mobile invoice is one that you can create and send from your mobile phone or tablet, which makes them extremely convenient for your team.

There are many reasons why you might want to switch to mobile invoices, especially if you have team members making sales on the floor or going out into the field. In all of those cases, mobile invoices make things faster for your team and even for your customer. So, let’s dive deeper into the benefits. 

1. Speed Up Payments

By far, the biggest advantage of using mobile invoicing is that you can speed up the payments process. Customers can’t pay until they receive an invoice, and mobile invoices empower your team to send them on-the-spot, as soon as services are rendered. Likewise, getting an immediate invoice can encourage customers to pay right away, while it’s still at the top of their minds.

Mobile invoicing also unlocks new payment options for your customers, especially compared to traditional paper invoices. Some of the payment options include debit/credit card, instant P2P transfer, or bank payment. These extra options provide flexibility to your clients and help you get money into your accounts faster.

2. Keep Client Info Safe

Businesses who keep a filing cabinet with folders for every customer are few and far between these days. Online invoicing solutions help keep customers’ information safer by putting it into a secure database with controlled access — plus it makes it more accessible for your team.

Using a mobile invoice solution, your team can search the database instantly and have all of the client’s information at their fingertips, including phone number, email, name, and address. All of that information can be used to auto-fill an invoice, and it allows them to send a personalized follow-up message, too. 

3. Generate Invoices Automatically

If you think the idea of playing around with a mobile invoicing solution will just add technical hurdles to your team’s workday, think again. These systems are designed to work seamlessly on smartphones and tablets, and they are very easy and fast to use. With pre-built templates already in place, which you can customize to match your brand, all your team needs to do is select the template for the given service type.

With a template in front of them, they can even auto-fill the invoice using the client’s saved contact information. From there, all they need to do is check the final price and put in any specific notes on the product or service that was provided. With a quick confirmation of the due date, the invoice has been created and sent in about a minute. 

4. Time Tracking Integration

Depending on the needs of your business, you might seek out a mobile invoicing solution that allows your team to track time and automatically log it within a given invoice. This time tracking tool can be managed using the same mobile device they’ll use to generate the invoice later, and it can help you improve the accuracy of forecasts, estimates, and invoices by improving the accuracy of how many hours employees are logging.

These time tracking apps won’t just improve team management, but also simplify the invoicing process by linking the time log to each invoice submitted. If anything is ever questioned, you’ll have the accompanying time log right there to go through the days and hours and see how things line up. 

5. Create Accompanying Documents

All businesses know that sending invoices is far from the only responsibility that takes up their team’s time, which is why mobile invoicing tools often offer templates for a variety of complementary documents, such as estimates and quotes.

These can be customized to suit your brand just like the invoices and sent in mere minutes, improving the customer’s experience, strengthening your brand, and creating efficiency for your entire team. You can even convert those into contracts when the customer accepts, and later use them to generate an invoice even faster.

Tips for Making The Switch

Wondering what the next steps are? It begins with researching your software options to find a good fit for your industry and business. 

If you’re ready to switch to a mobile invoicing solution, what matters most is that you partner with the right payments provider. At LOLA POS., we help small businesses reduce costs while gaining access to the best software on the market.

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