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Top Digital Wallets in The U.S.

Following a 16% year-on-year increase, the digital payments sector’s overall value clocked in at an astounding $5.4 trillion at the end of 2020, and adoption continues to grow at a rapid pace. Aside from being more secure, digital wallets also pose the benefits of being more hygienic by reducing the need to touch public surfaces, while also being fast and convenient.

Spearheading digital wallet adoption, these are the top 5 digital wallets in the United States with the most users (and features).

#1 Google Pay

With around 100 million users worldwide, Google Pay may not be keeping pace with the acquisition of Apple Pay, but its numbers are growing at double-digit rates throughout the mass digital payment adoption in the USA (and elsewhere) over the past year.

Google Pay works much like Apple Pay, except you can use it on any mobile device where the Google Pay app is installed, meaning it works for both Android and iOS devices. Google Pay’s app also featured “Clipper,” which is comparable to the Apple Pay “Wallet” where users can store encrypted versions of the cards they wish to use for payments along with digital copies of boarding passes and tickets.

In addition to paying in-store and online using the Google Pay app, users can also send money to friends and family and request money from the same, which makes splitting bills easy. The search giant has also bundled countless other features into the Google Pay app, showing users an overview of their recent transactions, total money spent over various time periods, and even exclusive offers from the retailers they frequent. 

#2 Vemo


#3 Apple Pay

Over 383 million people around the world trust Apple Pay, and it also remains the top choice in the United States, where nearly 44 million people utilize it for everyday payments both online and in-person. It’s among the most prominent of all digital wallets and, like others, remains completely free to use.

When using Apple Pay online, a user can make the purchase on their iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. If they’re using a MacBook or other iOS device with Touch ID, they can also submit payment with that. For other iOS devices without touch ideas, such as older MacBooks, users can select “Apple Pay” when checking out wherever it’s accepted online and they’ll be prompted to pick up their synced device (i.e., their iPhone) to complete payment. 

To pay in-store using Apple Pay, a user must have either an iPhone or an Apple Watch. They’ll simply need to hold their device close to the card reader and their device will confirm that the payment was successful. In all instances, both online and offline, the transaction is confirmed and made more secure with the requirement of Touch ID, Face ID, or by entering the user’s passcode.

#4 Cash App



#5 PayPal

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