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What is RKI (Remote Key Injection)?

Setting up new payment hardware for your business used to be a struggle, but with Remote Key Injection (RKI), LOLA POS. is making it easier than ever. Using RKI, you can take hardware directly from the manufacturer or another source, and we can set it up for you remotely, with no downtime. 

Learn how Remote Key Injection offers an automatic, fast, and secure alternative to conventional hardware setup methods and what you need to do to get your hardware ready for a new merchant services provider. 

What is Remote Key Injection?

Some countries continue to use “offline verification,” which means payment terminals never need to encrypt information because they do not send anything to external databases for verification. However, for reasons like fraud prevention, offline verification is falling out of favor. Instead, in the United States and most European countries, payment terminals operate using online PIN verification.

The online verification process requires a payment terminal to communicate with outside databases to verify a customer’s PIN at the time of payment. However, in order for this communication to happen securely, the terminal needs to encrypt the PIN. This encryption can only happen if you load your payment terminals with the encryption key provided by your payment processor.

Loading an encryption key may sound simple, but this is not something that you can merely punch in. The process of adding the key is known as “key injection,” and it traditionally requires a specialized “Key Injection Facility” (KIF), which is costly and complex. Fortunately, Remote Key Injection makes it easy to quickly and safely complete the key injection process and set up payment terminals via a simple online process.

With your hardware of choice in front of you, RKI simply requires you to connect it to the payment system and request a unique key from your payment processor. The rest of the work will be done for you, eliminating the need for specialized personnel, an off-site KIF, or any difficult processes that waste valuable time. 

Why Choose Remote Key Injection?

The benefits of choosing remote key injection are obvious and plentiful. If RKI is an option for your business, you will be able to conveniently deploy key injection anytime you’re ready, without the need to wait for hardware to arrive or maintain your own secure environment. This reduces shipping and administrative costs, all while speeding up the initial setup process.

With RKI, you also can do away from specialized personnel and re-certifications to maintain your hardware. Key injection will be done for you using an automatic, streamlined process that requires little intervention on your end. A process that used to take days, or even weeks, now takes mere minutes. By simply verifying the serial numbers on your device and requesting a key injection, your business can get started with its new payment hardware. 

How to Set Up Hardware Using RKI

If your business has recently switched to a payment processor that utilizes RKI, or if you’re re-certifying your terminals and trying to use RKI for the first time, these are the simple steps you need to follow. 

Existing Hardware

Many payment processors require you to purchase new branded hardware before you can begin using their services. While LOLA POS offers a catalog of secure, highly capable hardware for businesses that wish to upgrade, we also offer you the flexibility of keeping your existing hardware in place. Thanks to Remote Key Injection, this is easier than ever before.

If you wish to continue using your existing hardware when switching payment processors, you simply need to verify that they are TSYS compatible. If they are, you can transfer all of them to LOLA POS and use RKI to get them set up quickly. Once you confirm the serial numbers of your devices, we will queue them up for Remote Key Injection, which will reprogram them to process cards using our network.

New Hardware

In the event that you’ve purchased new hardware for your business, we can walk you through the RKI process in a matter of minutes. Once your hardware arrives on-site and you’re ready to set it up, you’ll need to confirm the serial numbers of your units. LOLA POS offers both wired and wireless units to fit your business’s needs, along with a mobile swiper. We can use RKI for any of the devices in our catalog.

After confirming the serial number, we will remotely inject the keys into your device(s) using a secure process. In a matter of minutes, your hardware will be ready to set up and use. If you need help setting up other features, like customer tracking, loyalty management, or the time clock, our team will be happy to assist you. 


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