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Women’s Entrepreneurship

November 19th is the official day of Women’s Entrepreneurship, the launch of a global movement to celebrate and support women entrepreneurs worldwide.

This day will be celebrated in over 144 countries, with the United States’ event hosted at the United Nations U.S.A. headquarters in New York City.

The past week has been a whirlwind of entrepreneurship awareness for LOLA POS., as four Team Members recently attended awards galas celebrating CEO Heather Petersen’s nomination for the Spirit of the Entrepreneurship Award and her bronze medal award for Entrepreneur of the Year in Business Services at the Stevie® Awards for Women in Business.

The Spirit of the Entrepreneurship Awards, a local consortium founded by the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship at California State University, San Bernardino, recognizes the accomplishments of business owners and their entrepreneurial achievements.

The Stevie Awards for Women in Business are the world’s top honors for women in the workplace, and recognize the business and entrepreneurial efforts of women worldwide.

Ms. Petersen took home the bronze for Entrepreneur of the Year in the Business Services category, and LOLA POS. won the bronze in the Fastest Growing Company of the Year category, two recognitions that highlight the accomplishments of the company and its hardworking Team throughout the past year.

In addition, Alexis King, Director of Sales Support, and Hortencia Saenz, Office Manager, won the bronze for Executive of the Year in the Business Services category, and Employee of the Year, respectively.

The outstanding accomplishments and achievements of these women and this woman-owned and mainly women-operated merchants services provider demonstrate the astounding feats that lady-entrepreneurs can accomplish. LOLA POS. is a huge supporter of women entrepreneurs, especially those innovators in the financial and payments industry.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is “one day to celebrate, support and empower women entrepreneurs worldwide,” but LOLA POS. is dedicated to supporting businesswomen each and every day; in the office, in the payments industry through participation in the Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions (W.net), and nationwide, by joining female entrepreneurs for events like the Stevie Awards and the Spirit Awards.

Congratulations to the female entrepreneurs and businesswomen recognized at the Stevie and Spirit Awards this past weekend, and LOLA POS. applauds women worldwide for their business achievements and entrepreneurial accomplishments.

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