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How Credit Card Processing Works for Veterinary Offices

Veterinary Services

When caring for a pet, credit card processing for veterinary offices isn’t usually the first thing on your mind. Lack of payment options is the last thing anyone wants to worry about when their pet needs medical care. Most people don’t carry the cash on them to pay for more expensive procedures, and it can […]

LOLA POS Debuts No-Cost Credit Card Processing Program

Financial services company’s no-cost credit card processing option improves bottom line for merchants LOLA POS. (LOLA POS) – an innovative merchant services provider, pro-business advocate and payments acquirer – is empowering businesses to earn and save more revenue through its progressive No-Cost Credit Card Processing Program. A Super-Charged Program LOLA POS’s No-Cost Processing Program affords […]

LOLA POS to Present Innovative Surcharge Program and High Risk Done Right® as MWAA Platinum Sponsor

Financial services company’s progressive offerings improve bottom line for merchants, partners – MWAA 2018 LOLA POS. (LOLA POS) – an innovative merchant services provider, pro-business advocate and payments acquirer – is heading to Chicago to showcase industry-leading, e-commerce and brick-and-mortar solutions at the 2018 Midwest Acquirer’s Association (MWAA) Conference, July 25-26, 2018. Leading the industry […]

7 Big Reasons to Shop Small

7 Big Reasons To Shop Small

There are many reasons to shop small. In between the frenzy of Black Friday and mania of Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday stands out by offering customers unique products and a more relaxed shopping experience. American Express started the Small Business Saturday tradition on November 27, 2010. Since then, the Shop Small movement has gained considerable […]

Payments at the Speed of Sound

Payments at the Speed of Sound

The first sound ever to reach planet earth probably emanated eons ago from the Big Bang, although the frequency would have been too low for humans to hear (even if we had been around at the time). Today, the ultrasonic audio technology company, LISNR, believes inaudible sound waves carry the potential for faster point-of-sale payments. […]

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