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Getting leads through advertisements, email marketing, or social media is critical to your success. In this approach, a salesperson doesn’t make an outbound call. The customer finds you based on your advertising & social media. This strategy is more profitable because the customer is already interested in your product or service. The goal is to convert that call into a potential customer.


Outbound telemarketing involves a direct call to the customer or prospect. They may or may not be interested in your product or service. As a result, the phone agent must be very courteous and knowledgeable about the product or service being offered because they are talking to an unknown person for the first time.


B2B telemarketing is a business-to-business transaction. It helps you to find the right leads that can be converted into your potential customers. This approach is best used for your brand awareness. It also helps to build a good relationship to expand your business growth.


An agent is directly involved in selling the product to the customer. They do not wait for the customer to call you; they make a call and sell their products. They deal with a high volume of customers and expect a high volume return.


For any telemarketing business, you have two options to accept payments from your customers. The first way is by entering their credit card information into a virtual terminal. The second option allows for the customer to enter their credit card information directly into your website.

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