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No matter what type of travel or timeshare business you own, offering multiple payment channels to your customers provides convenience and flexibility. At LOLA POS, we help our merchants facilitate all types of merchant services. Let's explore the different payment methods we offer.


Digital payments have become increasingly popular amongst consumers, meaning your travel business cannot ignore online payment opportunities. We offer online payment solutions with payment gateways that can integrate with most e-Commerce platforms, making it simple to accept online payments. Additionally, our security-focused approach and fraud-prevention tools ensure that your business benefits from powerful chargeback protection.


While brick-and-mortar travel agencies are few and far between, some travel businesses still operate in physical locations. If you want to combine online transactions with in-person payment processing, we can help. Our retail payment solutions make it easy for customers to pay for tours, rentals, and other travel services.


Accepting over-the-phone payments via a virtual terminal is essential to offer true convenience to your customers. These digital terminals make it easy to input a customer's credit card information over the phone or via email when the card is not present at the time of a sale. Virtual terminals can be a simple way for your customers to pay without having to visit a brick-and-mortar location and are specifically valuable for sales hotlines or custom service offerings.


LOLA POS understands the unique needs of our travel and timeshare merchants. We're committed to providing industry-specific payment services to all of our clients. Whether you want to implement QR code payments to make it easier for your customers or you need a custom payment gateway to match your corporate brand, we're here to help you succeed.

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