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Due to the difficulty of verifying many aspects of an online customer, the most restrictive payment processing method for tobacco retailers is eCommerce. Given the high probability of transaction fraud for online stores, eCommerce is subject to higher credit card processing fees from card brands and processors. However, LOLA POS provides online payment solutions for eCommerce merchants in the tobacco industry at the most competitive rates available.


The lowest risk of all tobacco merchant accounts are retail merchant accounts. Card-present transactions are seen as less risky because they provide the added layer of security of the store clerk verifying the age and identification of the customer. Additionally, almost every type of tobacco sale for flavored vape pods is permitted in the retail environment. For retail merchants, you may choose between plenty of point-of-sale options for your retail tobacco business.


Whether you'd like to provide your customers with recurring payment options, offer contactless and mobile payment solutions, or connect your payment solutions to your existing CRM software, LOLA POS provides you with a seamless integration experience. We streamline this process with in-house procedures, expediting the application process. By customizing the payment processing application for each of our tobacco, vape and cigar merchants, we can integrate solutions based on your specific needs.


At LOLA POS, we pair you with the payment solution offering the greatest support for your tobacco business’s needs. You will be provided with a personalized solution that helps reduce risk and maintains dependable processing.

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Our years of experience as a leader in the high-risk payments industry have given us the expertise necessary to streamline the application and underwriting process. Our knowledgeable payments experts are at your service to help gather documents, provide answers, and advise on any questions that you may have, as well as provide world-class customer support should any issues arise with your account.

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